Wotan Klan

Word got to us, that there’s a new book that hit the shelves (not all too many shelves it seems, sadly enough). It’s called "An Early Meal - A Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey". Haven’t had a proper look at it yet, but it sure looks promising. Seems way better than other books I’ve seen on the topic, and most of all it seems much more worked through, and probably had quite a lot of efforts put into it.

So for you sissies who hook up with all sorts of new diets to get rid of you flabby bottoms, this is probably a better alternative than what most you will ever come across. If nothing else, it might be a good start for cooking as a hobby. Make a viking meal every weekend (or Thursday - the Torshelgd!), and nurture both your body and soul with something new and different, yet age old!

I’m not earning anything from their sales, so that’s enough of the sweet talk - now let’s see what they have to say themselves:

An Early Meal - A Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey

A cookbook and culinary factbook based on what we know today about the Viking Age food culture. Both the recipes and the factbook part are based on finds, literary sources, other contemporary sources and experimental archaeology.

“An Early Meal - a Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey” is more than just a Viking Age cookbook. It is a combination of a textbook on Viking Age culinary practices and mouthwatering recipes based on archaeological finds and experimental archaeology. 

The book is a result of a 15 year long collaboration between research and experiments of Daniel Serra, culinary archaeologist - experimental archaeologist and doctoral student - and the culinary skills and palate of Hanna Tunberg - foodie, sommelier and archaeologist.

The book is published by ChronoCopia Publishing, where you can find a list of retailers and other necessary information.